Summer Term - Week 12

Hello Year Two,

What a year this has been! In the last week of Summer Term we would usually take part in a number of celebratory events. We would visit church for our Year 4 Leaver's Service, we would have a class party and of course an end of year assembly to share work with friends and families. Sadly we are unable to share these experiences with you all this time. However, we are very much forward to welcoming you all back on to the school grounds this week. Lets hope the sun shines for us to share our lockdown stories and play some games.  

Some of you may have worries about what September will be like when you return to school. You are not alone! There are some new routines we have in place, but one thing you can be sure of is that school remains a welcoming, fun, inspiring and safe space for you to flourish. We can't wait to have you back!

Parents, thank you so much for your wonderful support. You have embraced our learning packs brilliantly and often given us inspiration with your additional extra-curricular activities at home. Many of you have taken on the extra job of home schooling alongside your own new work situations and we are grateful for the time you have spent in supporting us. 

You have been a super class of Year 2 children! If you can’t make next week then we  look forward to the Autumn Term when we can pop our heads around the door of your new classroom to say hello to you all again.

Have a wonderful Summer, take care and keep sharing your smiles!

From Mrs. Aldridge and Miss McPherson

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