Easter Fun Weeks 3 and 4

Well done Year 1, you’ve smashed another week of home schooling! The photos you have been sending in show me how busy you’ve been keeping yourselves. We’ve had fabulous art work, you’ve even established your own Forest School and you’ve been mending bicycles. Like me, you’ve probably got yourself into a routine by now and no doubt you’ve been great at adapting to all the new changes.

I often think of news I want to share with you and I have been doing this by School360 messages. If you want to share a piece of work with me or even some of your own news, then in school360 go to Resources and then J2E. Click on the My Files folder and you can upload something for me to view and then I can give you some feedback. I can also send files out to you – you should all have an ‘EA’ sound phoneme spotter in your files, which you can edit, and I should be able to see the work that you have done. Work can be uploaded via the Upload folder too. Anything you save in the J2E environment, I should be able to view. However, I’m still getting to grips with it so bear with me!

If you want to continue to send work in for the rest of the learning community to see then send them to Mrs Burnip or ask your parents to follow us on Twitter: @OvinghamCEFirst.

This week’s learning pack looks a little different as it is now your Easter Holiday so instead of work, you will find a list of Easter-related suggestions and activities to help keep you busy over the next two weeks. I’ve tried some of the ideas out with children at school and with my own children. The egg racing was fun (we used ‘fish’) and the bunny pancakes were a huge success in the Weatherspoon household (see below).

One of the highlights for me this week was all the OFS staff managing to connect together via the wonders of modern technology. We were able to have our very first online meeting. It really was wonderful to see each other! Do remember to keep in touch with friends and family if you can. It's amazing how even a short conversation can provide such a lift. 

I wish you and your family a Happy Easter. Parents, thank you for your continued support. Please do send in any questions you have about learning, methods of teaching and work in general. I aim to answer them as quickly as I can.

Stay safe everyone,


Mrs Weatherspoon