Welcome to Reception! J


The children have settled in very well and are becoming familiar with new routines and exciting challenges.


Here are a few reminders about the routines in Reception:

  • Your child needs to bring their book bag to school every day, including their Home Challenge book and diary.
  • If there are any changes, please let us know who will be collecting your child from school by writing it in their diary.
  • PE bags should come in on a Monday and remain in school all week.
  • All uniform should be labelled, including coats, shoes and PE kits.  This is very important as clothes do end up on the wrong bodies during PE!
  • Please let us know if your child comes home with clothing that isn’t theirs. We can then get it sorted as soon as possible!
  • Water bottles must be in school all week and will be sent home each Friday. Replacements are available to buy from Mrs Burnip.

Our Topics

We focus on the interests of the children and they have decided to learn about the world around them. We will learn about our local area, changes in weather and how we are all different and special!

In English we will be learning new letters each week following our Read, Write Inc programme. The children will be taught how to recognise and write each letter and will then work on reading and writing words and simple captions. More information will be provided during our meeting on Monday 16th September at 6pm.

Our maths sessions will focus on recognising and understanding the value of numbers from zero to ten. We will look at finding one more and one less than a given number and use the language of ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ to compare two sets. We will also explore the names of a range of 2D shapes and begin to use everyday language related to money.

Outdoor Learning

This term we will use the outdoor area to develop our understanding of the world around us. We will be using our two and three-wheeled scooters/bikes to develop gross motor skills and create our own obstacle courses to complete. We will also look for signs of autumn and think about what happens to our environment during different seasons.



In Reception we use a document called Development Matters in Early Years to plan, support and assess learning. A copy of our objectives to be covered this term is attached.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. You can catch me before school or at the end of the school day. Alternatively, you can communicate through your child’s home/school diary. We are certainly looking forward to the year ahead with your children!

Miss Bough