Outdoor classroom

The school grounds at Ovingham C of E First support a range of learning opportrunities outside the classroom. Over the last year we have been developing our outdoor space to provide a variety of experiences for pupils of all ages. Last year (May 2019) the PTA started the ball rolling with work on clearing severla spaces around school that had become slightly overgrown. Since then Mr Hogg has worked alongside school staff to make a range of activities, from tyre trails, stages, wet play areas and of course our outtdoor classroom at the bottom of the school field. Below are photographs of it in April 2020, now that we have finished the first pahse of the work and there is also a short video. We know that we already have a range of wildlife using the area including birds such as the Bullfinch, Thrush, Blackbird and Chaffinch. We know we also have 5 hedgehogs, as well as a weasel living on site.