Eco School

At Ovingham C of E First School we aim to be the best Eco School we can be and reduce our impact on the environment.

Our main aims are:

    • To recycle waste paper, batteries, ink cartridges, card and compost waste food.

    • To save energy by turning off lights, taps and computers when they are not needed and closing windows and doors.

    • To encourage people to find alternative transport or walking to school to reduce our carbon footprint.

    • To work with others and provide them with information on how they can recycle and be more environmentally friendly.

    • Plant flowers and trees; let areas grow wild; hang bird boxes to encourage wildlife to the school grounds.

    • Grow and harvest vegetables to use in the kitchen.

    • Collect rain water to use on vegetable garden and flowers and plants.

    • To have fun learning and teaching things about the environment.

This School Eco Code was co-written by OFS Eco School Council 2015.

In 2017 we were re-accredited for the fourth time as a Green Flag School.