Class Two

Dear Parents / Carers, 

Welcome back! We hope you have had a wonderful festive break and are ready for the new term ahead. The building work on the new Year Two classroom is drawing to a close and we look forward to moving in later this month. Until then, we will continue our morning routine in the hall.

We will continue to change reading books every Monday and Thursday. Please try to read with your child each day as children make significant progress where there is input at home. Remember to ask questions about what they’ve read and ask them to re-tell the story in their own words! Any comments or queries can be written in your child’s diary and we will try to respond to this on the same day.

PE Kits and water bottles should be brought in to school every Monday and will be sent home on a Friday as P.E. will continue to take place with Mrs. Nicholson on Tuesdays.

This half term our topic is ‘London’s Burning,’ where we will be exploring The Great Fire of London. There’s lots of information about this event online and in libraries so feel free to start researching! Children will use laptops to make a PowerPoint presentation about what they have learnt in class and present their findings to the class. In Art they will be colour mixing paint to create a fiery London skyline and make 3D models of Tudor houses.

In English we will be reading traditional tales. Children will each receive a new individual writing target and will work on this as they develop their skills in story writing. In maths we will spend this half term exploring multiplication, division and properties of shape.

If you have any queries or concerns at all about the term ahead please do not hesitate to see me after school or arrange an appointment if this is more convenient.

Best wishes,

Mrs Aldridge