Class One

Happy New Year and welcome back to our Spring Term in Year 1. We have a busy and fun packed few months ahead of us and there will be a lot of learning opportunities outdoors as the weather turns warmer.


English: Our English work continues to develop the children’s reading and writing skills. We are encouraging them to use their sounds knowledge to spell words correctly and to remember capital letters and full stops. We will also introduce the idea of joining ideas using words like “and” and “then”. To start the term our work will be based on the book “The boy who cried Ninja” then we will be following and writing Instructions to make things, including some cooking! After half term we will focus on recounts and information texts including writing a guide book about Ovingham Village. We will also have lots of book related activities during Book Week which the children always enjoy!

We will be continuing to introduce 2-3 new sounds and 3 tricky words per week and sending home sheets covering these to complete with your child. Thank you for your support with this and with reading. Regular reading at home makes a big difference to your child’s progress.


Maths:  Class 1 will be focussing on addition and subtraction within 20 in the first part of the spring term. In the second part we are focussing on place value to 50 and learning to count in multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s.


Science: Our topic for the first part of the Spring Term is ‘Materials’. Children will be naming and describing everyday materials and testing which fabrics are best for making a waterproof coat for Barnaby Bear. We will also be observing the changes in weather and looking at the plants and bulbs springing up in the school grounds.


History and Geography: The second part of the Spring Term sees Year 1 exploring Ovingham Village. The children will look at where Ovingham is in the UK and use aerial photographs to look closely at the features in the village. We will walk around the village with a map and note local landmarks. The children will also learn about how the village has changed over time and look at the differences between the old and new buildings in Ovingham. If you have any artefacts, photographs or have local knowledge of the village please get in touch with us. We would love for you to be involved in our learning.


Computing: The children will continue improving their skills with the laptops learning how to use a trackpad, switching on and off safely, opening and closing applications and saving work. Alongside this the children will be taught about internet safety and how to keep themselves safe when going online.



Growing and changing: Change, loss and getting older; names of main body parts (children may be learning new vocabulary relating to this); personal identify: likes; choices; strengths.

Keeping safe: What goes into our bodies, rules for keeping physically and emotionally safe; personal identify; family networks; people who are responsible for keeping us safe.

Valuing difference: Attributes: kindness/fairness, sharing and respecting opinions; recognising and respecting similarities and differences.


PE: Mrs Nicholson will be doing gymnastics on a Tuesday morning for the first part of the Spring term. On Thursday afternoon we will be doing dance, then ball skills.

Art/DT: This half term our topic is Colour. We will be looking at the primary colours, mixing them and painting tones and shades of these colour. We will be thinking about how colours make us feel. We will make model Elmer elephants and design and make a new patch for him. We will also look at examples of Matisse’s cut outs and create our own cut out collage. After half term we will be building models of Ovingham landmarks.


RE: In RE we will be writing our own goal for the New Year then working on the story of Joseph and his coloured coat as well as celebrating Chinese New Year. After half term our work will be based on the Easter story.


As always, if you have any problems or queries please do not hesitate to speak to us, as you can appreciate drop-off and pick-up times are busy so it’s best to make an appointment if you would like to speak at length.


Thank you,


The Class 1 Team