After-School Clubs

Karate - Monday - 3.10-4.10pm  (contact Peter Atkinson 07912533164)
Y1/Y2 Multi Skills- Tuesday - 3.00-4.00pm  (Kate Nicholson)
Y4 Craft Club - Wednesday - 3.10-4.10pm (Mrs Rae)
Y4 Cookery Club - Wednesday - 3.10-4.30pm (Mrs Smith)
Y3/Y4 - Football - Thursday - 3.10-4.10pm  (contact Chris Hill, Magpie Sports, 07988736340)
Wylam Brownies
Wylam Brownies Brownies is a world of exciting opportunities, challenges and fun!  As well as meeting each week to work on badges, play games and see their friends, girls try adventurous activities and special events, go on day trips, sleepovers, camps and even holidays.  As part of the Brownie Adventure, girls work towards interest badges in different activities and skills such as first aid and stargazing. Wylam Brownies meet on Tuesday evenings during term time in Wylam and welcomes girls aged 7-10. Please contact Clare Overton to find out more on 01661 854242 or via