The Journey of our Artists

We begin with a stimulus; an experience, event, famous artist or artefact that invokes interest and excitement in our children. Here, Year 2 pupils experienced the awe and wonder of God's creatures in the rock pools of St. Mary's island.  
Children are encouraged to look closely at fine details, touch and feel. What do you see? How does it make you feel? How might you create similar lines, patterns, shapes, textures and colours in your own piece?
Application of skills
Children explore a wide range of media and tools in their art projects, including watercolour paints, inks, clay, textiles and more. They build upon existing skills as they move through each year group and are confident in their exploration of styles and techniques. Mistakes are embraced and problem solving is celebrated. Here, sketches were enhanced with watercolour paint, always observing the original artefact. 
Striving for Excellence
Children are encouraged to become the best artist they can be; they take time, care and pride in their work and delight in sharing it with others. The uniqueness in each piece is celebrated and outcomes are often a reflection of individual characters. 
Celebrating Outcomes
Children's work is displayed with pride throughout school in classrooms and corridors. It is often enhanced with cross-curricular work in other areas of the curriculum. Here, shell paintings are displayed alongside working model lighthouses produced in Design and Technology.