SEND - Aims and Equal Access in PSHE

  • All children within all aspects of school are provided with the opportunity to decide upon and share their own options. Children are supported to explain their ideas and their reasoning behind why they feel the way that they do.
  • All children regardless of their ability feel as though their opinion and contribution is valued and valid.
  • Children know ways to keep safe and understand how to seek help and support if they consider themselves not to be.
Equal Access:
  •  During lessons teachers and teacher staff effectively model and scaffolding forming opinions.
  • Talking partners are used effectively to ensure that all children are provided with the opportunity to work with others who engage, support, mentor and encourage SEND children to form and share their opinions.
  • Reflection time during the start of lessons is used to recap previous learning, it is a safe space for children with clear rules to support all learners.
  • Opportunities for children to share their ideas with equal opportunities for all children to talk and be heard, including talk partner work with the class teacher and teaching assistants.
  • Revisiting ways to stay physically, emotionally and mentally safe and providing children with advice and support about what they can do if they need additional support to do this.
  • Use of visual resources such as visual timetables, behaviour expectations and regular contact with staff members across school through assemblies to ensure children are aware of people who can keep them safe and help them at school. This includes caretakers, lunchtime supervisors and cleaners.