SEND - Aims and Equal Access in PE

  • During PE lessons children are given the chance to take control of their own learning where they have responsibility and ownership to challenge themselves.
  • Children are supported to build resilience and self esteem. 
  • PE lessons give children the opportunity to develop life-long skills they need to both understand and have a positive relationship with physical activity.
Equal Access: 
  • We deliver a curriculum that has a focused approach where children are guided to work at their own level and pace, however all children are encouraged to challenge themselves when possible. 
  • Children are given the opportunity to work in a collective way. Working in partners or small groups allows children to build their confidence, boost self esteem and develop their social skills. This collaborative approach allows children to feedback to each other and think critically about their performance, setting new targets and goals for themselves.
  • A range of resources are available to the children to ensure they can access the learning (e.g. a range of different sized balls to develop catching skills). 
  • Space is used appropriately for the activities being delivered and provides the best opportunities for learning to take place.
  • Our curriculum encourages children to develop life-long skills rather than PE/Sport specific skills. For children with SEND this removes the pressure of physical ability therefore enabling all children to succeed at their own pace.