SEND - Aims and Equal Access in Maths

  • Children take part in whole class teaching and learning. Teachers and teaching assistants help break down the tasks and ensure abstract elements are supported with concrete and pictorial methods.
  • Each lesson is a small step leading to an overall larger concept. Whilst all children have access to all the learning within each lesson, teachers and teaching assistants help children with SEND achieve their potential within the session through additional support in language, repetition and opportunities to further develop fluency.

Equal Access
  • Pre and post learning interventions are used to allow children to access the main teaching session.

  • Teachers and teaching assistants use concrete and pictorial approaches to support children's learning.
  • Working Walls provide visual reminders with worked examples and vocabulary to aid explanations.

  • We use White Rose Flashback 4 as opportunities to revisit previous learning to give the opportunity for skills to be developed for fluency and efficiency.

  • As number and place value underpin learning, we work closely with children to ensure that these skills continue to develop using a range of activities including but not limited to,  Dynamo and tailored lessons around any misconceptions.