Reading for Pleasure

Reading Corners
Good books are key to teaching in all areas across our curriculum. In each classroom we have a reading corner with carefully selected books used to support our learning. These are rotated regulary to ensure the books on display are relevant to learing taking place in the classroom. 
Daily Story Time
Each class thoroughly looks forward to storyime. This is a daily opportunity for children to enjoy being read to by an adult. There may be dimmed lighting, twinkly lights or even a roaring fire in your class!
As well as texts chosen by the children, each class incorporates six key texts throughout the year. These key texts are chosen by class teachers and explore culturally rich and diverse themes, such as black history, traditional folklore, other cultures and more. 
Our shared library is in the hall. Here, children take reading books of their choice to enjoy at home. This year we have been encouraging children to explore classical stories by Enid Blyton and have set up our very own Faraway Tree.   
Engaging texts
You will find a wide range of high quality texts on display throughout school; these are used to support the delivery of whole host of learning opportunities, whether that be in specific lessons across the curriculum or themes explored in Worship.  Harvest Festival, Remembrance Sunday and Black History month are just a few examples of concepts explored through text.