Open the Book

Open the book is a project which offers school children an opportunity to hear major stories from the bible, from a team of local Christians from local churches, who present the stories during assemblies. 
At Ovingham CE First School, we are visited by our friends at 'Open the Book' each month and especially enjoy opportunities for audience participation!  
We have placed each bible story on a timeline which helps us to visualise the Old and New Testaments. We're developing a better understanding of the 'bigger picture' of Christianity and learning when in relation to one another these stories took place. 
Open the Book 2019/20


Topics of Discussion

Samuel Hears a Voice

  • God talking to Samuel 

The First Christmas

  • God’s son

  • Jesus born in a stable

  • What is an angel?

  • Why shepherds?

David the Giant Killer

  • Fighting

  • Bullying

  • Little against large

Jonah the Groaner

  • God talking to people

  • Defying God

  • God sending a storm

  • Sacrifice

  • An animal working for God

  • God kills a tree

  • Jonah’s relationship with God

  • Groaning

Daniel and the Lions

  • Jealousy

  • Prayer

  • Angels

  • Punishment

A Time to Build

  • God giving instructions

  • People suffering

  • Forgiveness

  • Promises

The Wise Men’s Visit

  • New star-new king

  • Herod’s treachery

  • God talking to people

  • Gold, frankincense and myrrh

The Boy in the Temple

  • A missing child

  • Losing someone close

  • A very clever 12 year old

  • My Father’s house

2020 / 2021
Open the Book was delivered via Zoom for home learners in lockdown. Stories explored:
The Boy in the Temple
The Widow's Mite - performed in church
The Big Spender
The First Christmas
The Storm on the Lake
Down Through the Roof
Jesus' Special Friends
2021 / 22
The Lost Coin