Art Week 2023

Year 3 
Inspired by the colourful work of David Hockney, Year 3 were challenged to create a landscape using contrasting colours with oil pastels. Further details and patterns were added using acrylic pens,  creating an impactful and vivid piece of art.
Year 3 also worked collaboratively to create a memory quilt. Using dip dye techniques, we prepared our material to create a patch work effect. We captured our favourite moments on white cotton and poster paints and then assembled the final pieces together to create individual collages. Several pieces were put together to give a 'quilted' look. Our work was inspired by the textile artist, Faith Ringold.
Year 2
Year 2 have taken inspiration from the art of the indigenous people of Australia and John Kindness' Big Fish (1999). They then combined these ideas with sculpture, creating three-dimensional forms decorated with dot patterns. 
They all turned out fantastic!